A friend of mine reached out to me with the opportunity to design a site for one of Canada's greatest universities. I was assigned with the task of creating a simple yet inviting website that contains important links for a new employee getting started at the university. Unique links that were otherwise hard to access in a very convolutes site, had to be properly organized and clearly outlined.
I started by creating a high-fidelity prototype using Figma. The manager was very pleased and immediately approved of my idea. Moving forward, I made sure to employ images, fonts, and colours that respected the guidelines of McGill University. 

Later on, I got in touch with the developer assigned to the project. I suggested to assist him with my limited knowledge. On one hand, I was proving to be useful for an educational institution and on the other hand, I was learning something new every single day. Unfortunately, the developer was forwarded to an urgent project, which was going to delay the delivery of our site. I then suggested developing the site using my HTML and CSS skills acquired from my second year of university. 

This part was a lot harder than I had anticipated. A lot of research was involved and old projects were consulted to stay on track. The final code was submitted to the head developer for final adjustments and hosting services.

This was one of the most challenging and educational projects I have every taken part in. It thought me that ambition and a good work ethic can go a long way. I obtained valuable skills and revealed my passion for front-end development. 
Challenges & Solutions 
This project required a design that was both adaptive and user-friendly. During the development stage, I researched methods that allowed for great experience on all devices (including phones, tablets, and computers). This was quite challenging as it required constant testing and code modification. 
Even though the testing phase showed no issues on mobile devices, when published, one issue became apparent. The menu options had slightly shifted towards the right. I communicated this problem with the main developer of the office and was informed that it would soon be fixed.
Beste Karli - Project Manager
Matt Motaro - Project Assistant
Ada Celik - UX/ UI Designer & Web Developer