Challenge Statement
Identify a pain point that could be solved by a Slack bot that would improve the overall RBC experience.
Key Considerations
1) This challenge focused on the developer experience, but all skill sets needed to be leveraged to ensure a successful solution. Business, communication and design perspectives were key in identifying the target customer, analyzing the customer experience, outlining current pain-points and brainstorming potential solutions. 
2) We were expected to spend approximately 3-5 hours a week working on our solution.
3) We were expected to create a proof of concept (POC) within one month. Given the short time frame, we picked the most important components to design and code.
The milestone submissions give our team the opportunity to get recognition for our hard work on components beyond the final submission. They entailed both business and technical submissions, meaning no matter our expertise area there was something for everyone to work on.
1. Lean canvas
3. Sequence diagram
Our team employed: 
Slack's WebClient API
Slack Modals, Blocks, and Views
We added the /onbie slash command that is used to invoke the bot
In our bot auth scope, we decided to give out these permissions:
We sent a Slack Modal to the user when it invoked the slack command /onbie. When the user clicks on submit, the selected users receive a message from the bot with the resource! 
New hires and team members are faced with a seemingly endless list of onboarding tasks, resources, and documentation across many disparate sources. To help guide you through this onslaught, meet Onbie, a friendly Slackbot that pulls resources from across RBC to create a comprehensive to-do/resource list, tailored just for you and your team, in one place. For experienced RBCers, there's also no shortage of resources to help you to continue to grow and learn. ​​​​​​​
unique features include:
1) Assigning resources to anyone else at RBC or saving resources for yourself
2) Easy browsing through relevant and popular resources for your department
3) Cataloging resources from multiple other sites, file formats, etc into one single location (that isn't your bookmarks bar!)
4) Leverages Slack Modals, Blocks, and Views in order to present information in an organized, streamlined, and visually-appealing way

Andrew Girt - Project Lead

Amanda Gu - Business Analyst
Ada Celik - UX/UI Designer, Video Producer

Eshan Ratnayake - Developer
Derny Augustin - Developer

Thank you to the T&O Student Program Team and to all the mentors for sacrificing time out of their busy schedules to provide us with this incredible opportunity to learn and grow. An especially big thank you to Samiul Haque and Mirzasalimboy Anvarov who went above and beyond to support us. Without you, this project would not have been possible.