Financially independent students  face challenges while balancing work, school, and money. Currently, there are different scheduling software designs, but most are not tailored towards the specific needs of students. Employers are not aware about class schedules therefore, they cannot effectively take their finances into account. Students may have a number of schedules that is  accessed on a different platform which can be cumbersome and leaves room for accidental double-booking. Additionally, when something important comes up and students need to swap or drop shifts, they need to manually check the schedule and contact each employee separately. This is a quite challenging and time-consuming system, that does not help students effectively switch between their schedules. 
Our Product
Our product is an employee scheduling website that helps students balance their schedules while tracking their income. Students can access both their personal and academic schedules using one consolidated platform. Our product generates a work schedule for each student that fits best to their prior commitments. This in turn, removes the headache of a poorly made work schedule for both employers and students.​​​​​​​
Our research showed that Generation Z doesn't typically budget or track their savings. We added the finances page to help them track their goals and achieve them in a short amount of time. Using this page, they can also access personalized financial tips. For instance, based on one’s school schedule, students will be encouraged to pick up more shifts to not only reach their financial goals but exceed them.​​​​​​​
This project highlighted the importance of interpersonal relations, goal setting, communication, motivation, and task delegation within a team.
Carol Yao – Team Lead
Maddy Bosch – Research Lead
 Jesse Jakobsh – Research Assistant
Ada Celik – UX/ UI Lead
Francis Boehmer – Graphic Design Lead and UX Assistant