Ecosystem Analysis 
The goal of this specific project was to solve the transportation problem faced by GBDA students in Stratford, ON. Students were disconnected, disorganization existed in ride-sharing, and payment issues between drivers and passengers were common.
Introducing... velo
Velo solves the headache of carpooling, eliminates payment issues, connects the Stratford and Waterloo student communities, and showcases events in both cities to encourage everyone's attendance.
Velo has not yet been adapted to its final version. The current prototype can be accessed here.
This project highlighted the importance of conducting first hand-research using different techniques. In this case, my team and I were able to triple our survey answers by offering baked goods to all participants.
Ada Celik – Researcher, UX Designer
Joey Dietrich – Videographer, UX Designer
Troy Jenson – UX Designer
Thomas Wilson – UX Designer
Sam Byers – UX Designer